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The Art and Consequence of Selling a Lie

Numerous scams are being perpetrated these days on the public. Many with very bad consequences for the victim. These scams vary from credit cards to phone scams, which capture your personal information, to even the age-old ‘Time Share’ schemes that are easy to get into and nearly impossible to get back out of.[1] Essentially, they all involve lies that are very enticing as the victims see easy ways to obtain things that are, otherwise, out of reach. Instead of working hard and long for that “prize,” they give the appearance to be available right now for practically nothing. These schemes have often been referred to as “bait and switch” moves. Enticing “bait” wrapped around a deadly hook.

The perpetrators of these schemes are usually working to get a hold of more money…from you, personally, from a company or corporation, or from the public in general. Empty promises are made that some or even many just cannot resist. Such is the case in politics as well, except that along with money the goal includes power to accomplish what is not readily understood by most voters. Promises are made that sound so good, so right. But in the end they are so wrong and not at all what they were purported to be. Using words that represent conservative ideals and goals, they have redefined the words to actually mean heavy handed government control. Promises such as, “I will be fighting for your independence and freedoms,” when reality and history shows a sector of society that has now become enslaved in the Welfare system…sometimes for generations. There is also the “bait” of “free money” to enhance your situation, to provide a free phone, free education or free healthcare for all. None of which are really free.

Right now we face a critical time with the mid-term elections in November. Is your church savvy to the promises that are being made by those running for offices? Are you helping them see past the “bait” and hype in order to fully understand and see the hook that may be hidden? The recently enacted “Inflation Reduction Act” is a good example. Ignore the name, read it and see if there is anything to actually reduce inflation. Are we now in favor of supporting “bait-and-switch” tactics that only serve to trick and fool our nation into giving away our rights and liberties?

Challenge yourself and your church members to be familiar with each candidate and his/her true agenda. Ask questions to examine their history of voting. Find out who is actually funding and supporting them. Provide information on these issues.[2] The key is to get involved, ask good questions, and find the help that will benefit yourself and your church.

Foundations of Truth hereby waives all claim of copyright (economic and moral) in this work and immediately places it in the public domain; it may be used, published, edited, and distributed in any manner whatsoever without any attribution or notice to Foundations of Truth.

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