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A Time For Every Season

Recognizing your season as a Christian may be challenging. Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 lists several of what the Bible calls seasons in which our activities under heaven will fall. Some of these are not of our choosing such as a time to die and a time to be born and, a time to mourn those whom we have lost. Other seasons are thrust upon us unexpectedly and we are called on by the Holy Spirit to prayerfully consider the activities we choose in that season. The key to the season is how we respond to it.

There are many seasons to laugh and dance. Weddings, celebrations, baptisms, and much more. To completely embrace those elements of life is to be grateful in the season. Focusing on that time in life wholly and to the greatest degree. Often that season is when children are growing up and getting married. Churchgoers’ views on marriage are changing. In 2006, 82% of regular church attendees agreed that it is important to be legally married if you want to spend your lives together. That number is now 67%. Along with this statistic is 70% of Americans in general agree that same-sex marriages should be legal.[i] Within our embrace of the season of marriage, is there also, a time to tear down that which God abhors and build up what God has created. “At the beginning the Creator made them male and female…for this reason a man will leave…and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh. (Matthew 19:4-6) Marriage is worth the dance, the tearing down and the building up when it comes.

Some may interpret the casting away of stones (Ecc. 3:5) to be about ridding yourself of unwanted obstacles or beliefs. Building up the stones would be to gather those who are like-minded together for strength. This season in America does not deny credulity when we see sin being glorified everywhere. It is necessary to continue building a strong foundation of Christian principles together to stand against the darkness closing in. According to Barna’s recent State of the Church report, 39% of Millennials report attending church on a weekly basis. This puts them at a higher rate of attendance that Generation X and even the Boomer Generation which previously had been higher.[ii] Our “stones” are few, yet there is an awakened spiritual awareness growing.[iii]

Perhaps Christians are healing from the times of tear down. The recent havoc played on them by COVID, political stress, and inflation has given rise to the need for a season of silence and mending. The “physic effect” is ongoing. Several studies report the physical after effects of the pandemic include depression, loneliness, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress. In that season of quiet, wait on the Lord to renew your strength. (Isaiah 40:31) It is a time to heal.

There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens. Recognize your season and allow God to work your activities through it.

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