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All Dogs Do Not Go to Heaven

“God made the wild animals according to their kinds…then God said, let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness, so that they may rule… over the wild animals.” Genesis 1:25,26 (NIV). The account of creation is clear in the Bible. God made animals according to their kinds and then God made mankind according to the likeness of the trinity of God. Never in the Bible are animals said to be equal to man, yet there is a growing anomaly that would seem to beg to differ. Animals have been elevated to the status of children.

A veterinary office was called for an appointment for the family pet. The voice representing the office asked for the “baby’s” name who required the examination. There are nearly 84 million American households with dogs and only 35 million have children. There are about 6 million puppies born every year in the U.S. and 4 million babies.[i] The birth rate is dropping drastically. Instead of parenting people, many are choosing to become paw-parents and have fur babies. They desire for their “pets” to be their children and feed them, clothe them, and protect and care for them as if they were real human children.

The pet industry is a regular topic discussed on Fortune Business Insights. U.S. pet owners spent $123.6 Billion on their pets in 2022.[ii] Pet ownership is not new in America, but it has become obsessive. Where once the family dog lumbered along the tractor on the farm and scared away vermin and was thrown leftovers to consume, he now has comforts that a large population of people in the world will never experience. Pet health care and insurance are a huge commodity and a large chunk of the family budget.

There is no shame in taking care of animals. God applauds respect of His creation. When animals replace the love and companionship of humans in our lives, we are remiss in our elevation of animal status in our lives. Jesus showed compassion to the young donkey he rode on into Jerusalem. He did not, however call the donkey His child or His brother.

When a pet dies, it is mourned, and we feel grief. When a child dies, we are forever changed, and our grief continues throughout lives. An additional child in the home does not replace the one that was lost. Many believe that they will be reunited with their pets in Heaven. There is no reference to individual pets going to Heaven in the Bible. There is the requirement of salvation for man to enter Heaven, but there is no such salvation for animals. All dogs do not go to Heaven no matter how much we wish they did.

To be called “mother or father” is an elevated and respectful position. It should be questioned when referring to one’s pet as “your child”. A human does not give birth to an animal. A grandparent does not parent a grand dog. While it may seem cute to use those titles, it is not to be equated with human children and their parents. Humans are in the likeness of God, not in the likeness of animals. Spend time nurturing relationships with your neighbors and enjoy your pets as pets.

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