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Camouflage and Hiding in Plain Sight

“Camouflage: the behavior of hiding behind a camouflage (screen) of righteous indignation”.[1] Sometimes a person makes himself visible in another area to distract the sight of an enemy. This tactic is used in many ways. In politics, as an example, a liberal oriented politician might vote conservative in one or two areas. Then will campaign heavily on that one or two percent to disguise his or her real stance in most other votes. Or, they will purposely use common words and phrases that have been long understood, redefining them to mean just the opposite. Unwitting voters may not think through what is being said to realize this and wind up supporting the person or party that thinks very differently than the voter himself/herself thinks.

The word patriot might be an example. For two hundred years and more it referred to a person who loves this country ( U.S.A.) and defends its Constitution in the original writing and meaning. However, in the recent election cycles, the Left has been re-defining patriotism to refer to one who sees need to change the Constitution of the United States to a much more Socialist leaning document. Therefore, we should now consider conservatives and the Right as traitors, haters, etc. They have sufficiently utilized our public schools, entertainment and social venues of all kinds to train up our children into this philosophy. Distractions such as acceptance, freedom and individual rights have drawn the public away from the camouflaged principles of immorality, license to act in hypersexual ways and corruption.

Now that the general public have accepted this new philosophy of “what is good”, the politicians now speak their lies hiding in plain sight. Very few citizens bother to really look at their definitions or consider the consequences of such lifestyles. Sadly, many Christians have bought into this and unknowingly support godless measures and the people pushing them. All that is seen is how “nice” and “caring” and “fair” and “generous” the politician appears to be. There seems to be very little understanding of truth, righteousness and consequences.

Surveys are showing that the truth is beginning to be seen[2], but our nation continues to turn a blind eye to that which is camouflaged and hidden. Many, even the majority, disapprove of top politicians and the directions of our nation, sending their ratings to new lows. Yet the tendency is to vote the same as always and not stand up to problems that are existing and make changes. Recent polls are showing that, across the board, Americans are strong believers in the importance of the nuclear family in our society. Yet, many continue voting for politicians that support homosexual marriage and other varieties of “home-life relationships.”

In Genesis 3 we read the story of Adam and Eve, after sinning, attempting to hide from God, ashamed of their sin. Soon after they realize the consequences. Consequences that continue to the present for all of mankind. Christians, it is time to come clean before the Lord and all others around us. Speak truth regarding the ways of politicians, parties and other influencers that work to disregard God’s ways. Get involved in your community to the extent that we saturate it with God’s truth at every level.

Foundations of Truth hereby waives all claim of copyright (economic and moral) in this work and immediately places it in the public domain; it may be used, published, edited, and distributed in any manner whatsoever without any attribution or notice to Foundations of Truth.


[1] Mirriam Webster Dictionary, 1828, third definition [2]!

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