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E Pluribus Unum is translated as, "Out of many one." Presented as the national motto of the United States of America, it gave focus to the important ideal to form and keep a nation strong, though made up of many cultures and backgrounds. It continues to give permission and importance for all to be heard. In our U.S. Constitution it is protected by the 1st Amendment. In today's America, however, it is in jeopardy of being eliminated. Many progressive left activists are working feverishly to eradicate the entire 1st Amendment. We see it in the rush to cancel opposing views, in major news media, and in most social media to ban views that have been labeled as dangerous, bigoted, etc. They no longer are allowing for freedom of speech and the free exchange of ideas.

Have you ever tried splitting something? Certain objects are quite simple like splitting firewood. Others are much more difficult as in splitting hair and atoms. Can it be done? Yes. But for what purposes? Wood is split for firewood, producing heat. Atoms are split to produce a great amount of energy. However, splitting hair does not have many purposes. Of what use is half a hair?

Our nation is definitely in the process of being split. What would be the purpose? E Pluribus Duorum (two) does not give the same effect. Or worse, E Unum Plurimus, Out of one, many. That is called a breakdown, an erosion, a decaying of something toward nothing.

Peggy Noonan in her opinion piece titled, "How Two Great Friends Overcame Politics,”[1] told the story of how Thomas Jefferson and John Adams survived their journey from a close friendship, to a bitter political battle, and then, after many years of estrangement, back to a renewed friendship. Interestingly, the battle was fueled by the contested "election results" of 1800. Controversy fueled the fire, but when the fire subsided and the dross was removed, they were able to resolve their differences.

Once again we need to allow the heat of the fire to burn away the dross so the real results are seen. Then a foundation of truth may again be built upon to support this great nation. This will not be an easy task, but we must never give up trying.

We are currently in the heat of battle, sometimes experienced as a raging fire. If we are careful, honest, and true to our beliefs, the purity of the U.S. Constitution may once again come to the forefront. Let us work and pray together for the Refiner's fire to purge us as Christians and as a nation (Jeremiah 9:7; Zechariah 13:9.

"He will sit as a refiner and purifier of silver…then the Lord will have men who bring offerings in righteousness…" Malachi 3:3.

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