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A Sad Year for Santa

It's sad year for Santa. Letters to Santa reveal anxiety children feel this year. Though Christians understand that Santa is a childhood myth and the Birth of Christ is the true reality, Santa's image is emblazoned on ads, toys, decorations and TV. Santa, as an image of Christmas in America, simply cannot be avoided.

So, poor old Santa is having a tough year along with the kiddos. Parents report lower incomes or loss of income due to the Pandemic. Kids are trying to make sense of it when there is no "cents" to have.

Reflected in letters are concerns for money for gifts. “Dear Santa,” began a letter written by Alani, age 9, "This year has been rough because of corona,” she wrote. “I was hoping I could get some Lego sets because my mom said she can’t get anything for me for Christmas because she is not getting paid as much.”[1] Desires to physically connect with others is also reflected in letters. Andy, a 5-year-old from California, after making his gift request wrote in signing off, “I wish COVID was over so we can hug.”

Adding insult to injury, even attempting to see Santa in the mall and get that lifetime picture of a ride on Santa's knee is challenging. In Seattle, Santa sits inside a giant snow globe. In other malls he has huge plexiglass dividers to keep kids back. And Santa in a mask, is Ho Ho Hum. Reported by ABC news, Emma Wallace from Virginia, who decided against taking her Toddler to his first visit with Santa said “It just seems like such a bad idea, just being in a mall. We’re just so sad. We were really looking forward to that picture that seems like every parent has, where they’re sort of terrified or just bemused by the whole Santa thing.”[2]

While kids are told that grandparents must be kept safe and, therefore, "we can't go see them,” Santa's safety concerns dance in wee little heads. Those who chose to don the red suit with great enthusiasm in years past are opting out. Santa Bill Mckee is 70 years old. After portraying Santa Claus for 20 years, McKee has simply gone virtual — for safety’s sake — I”’m not doing anything in person"[3]

How can we support our kids? Where do we find truth and impart faith? Let's take the reason for the season back. Focus on the baby who was born in very dangerous times, but brought great joy and everlasting peace. Jesus, who can be depended on, stays the same and will be with us always. "Jesus is the same yesterday and today and forever” Hebrews 13:8. Our prayers should be that our children gain strength and courage and joy from Jesus.

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