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Boys To Men

“There are two jobs for American boys today. One is being a boy. The other is growing up to be a man. Both jobs are important. Both are packed with excitement, great undertakings, and high adventure.”[1] These words were spoken by former U.S. President Herbert Hoover (#31, 1929-1933). His message is only more apropos for today’s world than it was back then. Instead we find examples all around us of boys wanting to become girls, of men wanting to become women. Such is the case of one Will Thomas, collegiate swimmer, suddenly wanting to become “Lia Thomas” in order to compete at a different level. As Will Thomas he was rated only mediocre, at best, in the swimming world (ranked around #184). But, with a sudden change to women’s sports, he is amazingly in the top of finishers. In fact, “Lia Thomas” scored a tie with Nationally ranked Riley Gaines for first place at the 2022 NCAA Women’s Swimming Championship. Though it was a tie, Miss Gaines was told to stay off the 1st place platform for the Photo Op as they gave the medal to “Lia Thomas”.

Somehow Will Thomas was allowed to switch from Men’s competition to Women’s competition practically overnight by simply declaring himself to be a “trans-woman.” The leagues, the coaches, the organizers, even the NCAA simply and conveniently (for him) let it happen. No announcements to the other competitors of his new self-declared role, or even a warning that there would now be a man dressing and showering in the women’s locker room. All the women athletes, along with Riley Gaines, were just supposed to accept it and ask no questions.

This is but one example of many hundreds that are taking place around our country. One has to ask, “Where have our men gone that should be standing up for and protecting the honor, privacy and glory of our girls and women?”. It would seem they have all gone into hiding – afraid to be men as God has created. But there are some real examples of a change taking place, examples of godly Christian men calling for men to stand up and to teach and train boys to be men. Ministries like “Take the Mountain Challenge” in Arizona[2] , Christian Service Brigade[3] and “Trail Life USA”.[4]

With Boy Scouts and others falling to the “woke” agendas, the men in our churches should be taking on these responsibilities to teach and train their boys to be men of God. Consider a real and new focus for your church in these areas. A little research and you can have the resources available to get started. If you already have a ministry like this, make sure it is getting the push it needs in order to get your men and boys into it.

What does it mean to be a man? How will I fit in? Where can I bring my boys to get the help I need in raising them to be men of God? Find your answers and get started. “Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be men of courage; be strong. Do everything in love.” 1 Corinthians 16: 13-14.

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