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Perhaps you have enjoyed the sights and wonders of a View Master stereoscope. Remember? The one a person pops in a round disc with seven stereo pictures on it, but in duplicate. The person viewing can enjoy wonderful sights, animals, people from around our world in a virtual format and it is in 3-D. But what happens when there is only one disk to be viewed? Of course the disc can be repeated round and round endlessly repeating the same set of pictures over and over. Eventually, as great as the pictures are, the tendency is to lose interest of the “same old-same old.”

It appears that our country is trapped in a similar scenario of same old-same old. Think about it. How many revolutions of “emergency COVID” cycles can we go through until people start getting bored of the mandates, vaccines and masks? Or how many times can we listen to the name calling going round and round? Democrats calling Republicans “extortionists, terrorists, anarchists, hostage takers, arsonists, and more.[1] This is especially true as we watch our jobs dissipate, prices of everything skyrocket and the education of our children fall to deplorable lows. Plus, underneath it all is the war on Christianity and morality in general. It is a fact that when a person gets caught up in attaining the rewards of this world, they soon find themselves in an unending cycle, reaping that which no longer satisfies. Even giving to entities in need, does not really fill the void. These become short-sighted attempts to justify what has been gained.

In Luke 19:1-10, Zacheaus has found himself in just such an endless cycle. In fact, when he first meets Jesus, he attempts to justify his stature in life by giving half of his possessions to the poor and, to make right any cheating he has done in the past. Eventually he does find salvation. But that does not come through generosity or kindness in trying to counter-balance his sin. It comes through his encounter with Truth, honesty, love in the person of Jesus Christ. Only then he finds his sin eradicated by belief and trust in Jesus’ sacrifice.

Further, our government has found itself in the vicious circle of giving away other people’s money and control through continual, never-ending emergencies that only it can take care of on our behalf. If Washington had its way, our “state of emergency” would never be in the rear view mirror. We all need to do our part returning to truth, honesty and the real love of Christ in our own lives and that of our nation. Continue to support and ultimately elect those who understand these principles, not those who continually try to justify their existence through never-ending cycles of emergencies and superficial attempts to counter-balance sin.

Foundations of Truth hereby waives all claim of copyright (economic and moral) in this work and immediately places it in the public domain; it may be used, published, edited, and distributed in any manner whatsoever without any attribution or notice to Foundations of Truth.

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