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The Sky is Falling

Fires, war, hurricanes, mass shootings and inflation are the news headlines of which we are regularly bombarded. 2022 has had its fair share of bad news. Fear reigns king in many hearts of Americans. Fueling the fear is the coming November elections. Will Christians bow down to fear or stand tall?

Chapman University’s survey on American Fear revealed some interesting data. Ranking considerably close to the fear of “people I love dying” is the fear of “corrupt government officials”. The fear is bipartisan, with Republicans at 84.6% and Democrats just under at 77.8%.[i]

In a recent article, Thaddeus Williams, associate professor of theology at Biola University suggests that “we shouldn’t be surprised that fear of corrupt leaders is rising at the same time secularism is.”[ii]

Are Christians screaming “the sky is falling” and running around in circles or hiding their heads in the sand? Do they not proclaim the deity of Christ and the relatively minuscule effect of one election compared to the plan of the almighty God?

Christians do need to vote and become involved in local government. As they do, the impact of secularism will be minimized. As David took the stones to slay the giant, Christians put on the armor of God to boldly face evil in whatever guise it comes. Fear is vanquished in faith and in following the Holy Spirit’s guidance. The foremost mission for Christians is to continue to proclaim their faith in God and that Jesus Christ is the only means of salvation. Being mindful of not co-opting the name of Jesus as a political tool but having faith that Jesus is our motivation.

The early church was no stranger to government oppression. Peter and John were arrested for speaking boldly about Jesus by the leaders and priests. Acts, chapter 4, tells us that the rulers feared Peter and John because they thought of them as uneducated, common men (vs.13). Yet, Peter and John stood next to a man who had been healed and the leaders could not argue with the evidence (vs. 14). The leaders commanded Peter and John to be silent about Jesus so that the gospel would not spread further. Upon returning to their friends, Peter and John prayed: “Lord, look upon their threats and grant to your servants to continue to speak your word with all boldness.” (vs. 29)

An action everyone can begin doing now before the election is to pray. Pray for an election that is free and fair. Pray for candidates to seek God’s guidance, to have listening ears and soft hearts, to address poverty and justice. Pray for strength and encouragement for our leaders and candidates. Pray that our leaders would commit to work together and that we would see each other through the eyes of Jesus.[iii]

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving present your requests to God. (Philippians 4:6 NIV)

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