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What's It Going to Take for You to Vote?

There are some who vote in each election without even thinking about the candidates or issues. Candidates? “Oh, I vote a straight ticket.” Issues? ”I tend to skip most of them…too confusing. Or, I don’t really know what is right.” Sound familiar? Maybe that is not you, but you hear it often from others. Is the Bible really that harsh about abortions and the sanctity of life? Are there no exceptions? How important is this “gender” and “pronouns” thing? I’ve heard that some people are actually born that way. Anyway, sometimes this sounds all too strict and absolute. I feel like a jerk when I mention the Bible standards and people look down on me. It’s embarrassing.

Maybe it actually does come down to whether or not we really do believe God, or whether we really do believe in the Bible. I’ve heard life-long believers “wonder” how the Bible really stands up against “good solid science.” After all, science seems to show us how old the world is or gives examples of some rare instance that gender confusion may exist.

In Joshua 5:2-12, we read the story of God preparing the Israelites for possession of the Promised Land by requiring all young men of age to be circumcised. On the surface, this sounds like a horrible way to prepare for the battles ahead. But in reality, it was a sign of being separated apart for God’s use. Probably many did not understand all of this preparation. But they were willing to proceed without the “extras” that were holding them back from total commitment. Perhaps we, or our people, are holding on to “extras” in our lives. We just cannot let go of things we do not fully understand. However, this is a battle between the world and God for our lives…first as individuals, and as God’s church, and even for our nation. What is being required of you to let go of in order to totally follow after God?

The resolution of this act of circumcision follows in Joshua 5:13-15. Joshua falls facedown before God, and God gives deliverance and promise to take possession of His promises. Encourage your church to follow after God even when they do not understand everything. Listen to what God says and vote accordingly. This may very well require each to let go of certain things that have been grasped. Be ready to consult other believers regarding the issues according to God’s Word even when it appears to go against the world’s science or the general thinking of our culture. We are not placed here to just try and “get along” with this world. Rather, we are called to follow after God’s ways and adopt His heart for this lost and dying world. Pastors need to be ready to stand in front, horns blowing, announcing the truths and promises of God (Joshua 6). No longer be willing to pretend, we should not get involved. Be the leader God has chosen and gifted you to be. Encourage and empower your people to get out and vote to the glory of God!

“We know that our strength comes from our obedience to God and our unflinching conviction in our faith…If we are to restore the joy of Christ to the people of our nation, we must elect Christian conservatives who will lead with moral clarity and act with selflessness.” -Mike Pompeo, 10/14/2022.

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